Mishima Reserve Wagyu Beef


Prized around the world for its extraordinary taste and tenderness, Mishima Reserve Wagyu Beef begins with the best Wagyu cattle, humanely raised and fed superior ingredients, ensuring only the highest quality of Wagyu beef is delivered to your table.

Top Quality Wagyu Bloodlines, Raised in the USA

The Wagyu breed of cattle, originally from Japan, is behind the most famous brands of beef in the world, such as Kobe beef.

Across a small network of conscientious family ranches, Mishima Reserve cattle are bred using the highest quality Wagyu bloodlines, and are 50% to 100% Wagyu. They are raised in a temperate climate, with access to clean air, water, and high quality feed, which all contribute to the extraordinary quality of this beef.

Marbling Equals Flavor

Wagyu cattle are unique in that they have a genetic ability to store marbling within the muscle instead of outside the muscle. Marbling is the key component to extra flavor and tenderness.

Lower Saturated Fat

A remarkable characteristic of Wagyu beef is that it contains half the level of saturated fat and twice the level of unsaturated fat when compared to other types of beef.

100% Vegetarian Diet made with Superior Ingredients

No rendered animal fats or animal proteins of any kind are added to the feed of Mishima Reserve cattle. They receive only locally produced, high quality grains and grasses. Our feed does not include animal by-products, hormones, growth promotants of any kinds, or antibiotics.

While US Beef cattle are typically fed for a period of 90-120 days, Mishima Reserve Wagyu cattle are fed 350-500 days. This extended feeding period leads to intense full flavor, richness, and consistent tenderness.